Patient No-Show & Cancellation Policy

This policy has been established in order to provide the highest level of services to all our patients. By requiring notice of cancellation, we may be able to accommodate other patients that might need immediate treatment.

No-show non-cancellations will incur a $100.00 fee.

Patients must call our offices at least 48-hours business hours prior to their scheduled time to inform us they will not be able to keep their appointment. Cancellations done less than 48 business-hours before the patient’s appointment will be considered a late cancellation.

After (2) no shows/late cancellations, the patient will be discharged from the practice.

Non-cancellations for Bone-marrow and Lipogems (adipose treatments) will result in non-refundable deposit.

We do understand that emergencies happen and it may not be possible to give notice of cancellation. Exceptions to this policy will be determined by the provider and management.

Patients will receive reminders in the following format if they are set-up to receive all forms of reminder messaging:

  • Telephone call 72- hours prior to appointment
  • Text- 48-hours prior to appointment
  • Email- 4 days prior to reminder