At ROSM, we believe in giving back to our community. That’s why you’ll see us supporting local athletes such as the DC Divas Women’s football team and at Jingle Bell Runs benefiting the Arthritis Foundation. This May, we’re giving back to our nation’s armed forces.

On May 17, Dr. Mulvaney will donate his time to provide autologous microfragmented adipose injection therapy to 5 veterans or active duty service members in our Annapolis office. Lipogems, a New York biotechnology company, will cover the cost of the materials used to harvest the adipose tissue. The participants are already selected. However, we appreciate your interest and support.

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday as well as veterans’ issues are close to our hearts. Dr. Ferrell, one of our three original founding partners, served in the Navy. Dr. Mulvaney served for more than 30 years in the Navy and Army. Also, Dr. Mazzola attended medical school on an Air Force scholarship and went on to serve as a team physician at the United States Air Force Academy.